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Use this page to request that your Personal Information is erased, or to request a report of all the Personal Information Hit Predictor stores about you.

Hit Predictor does not sell Personal Information.

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This is the company or business name under which we will locate your account. If you have a product invoice you can enter the account number provided. You can also provide your Welcome Code, the business name that appears on your software or service contract, or your radio station call letters.
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For access requests only: under penalty of perjury, by checking the Access to Personal Information box and clicking on the link, I hereby certify in writing that I am the individual to whom this personal information request relates (or I am such individual’s authorized agent), and that my receipt of this personal information does not violate any applicable law or any privacy or publicity rights of any individual. This attestation is provided in accordance with Section 999.325(c) of the regulations promulgated by the Attorney General under the authority of the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018.
Was your Personal Information collected by us due to a business relationship between your employer or company and Hit Predictor? Yes
In the above question, answer Yes if you work at a business and your Personal Information was collected in the context of purchasing, using or supporting Hit Predictor products or services. For example if you use GSelector, Media Monitors, or Mediabase, choose Yes. Answer No if you interact with Hit Predictor on your own behalf such as being a newsletter subscriber and submitted your Personal Information on your own behalf.
Only complete this section if you are NOT the consumer to whom this request relates:

By checking this box, I certify that I am an authorized agent of the consumer to whom this request relates, and that I have been duly authorized, in writing, to submit this request on behalf of the consumer, and to receive any information generated by Hit Predictor as a result of this request.

Hit Predictor will comply with Personal Information requests according to the terms of our Privacy Policy. Hit Predictor is legally required to offer these functions to residents of certain states or localities to comply with local Privacy laws. Depending on where you live and what you ask to do, we may or may not be obligated to comply with your request, and/or the time required to complete it may vary.

All requests will be reviewed before processing. We will also contact you to verify that this request is genuine before completing it.